Task 60
Task 60
SHC Task 60

Application of PVT Collectors


On top of individual publications and reports from the participants, the common deliverables, allocated by subtasks, will be the following:

Subtask A: PVT systems in operation

  • R1. Report A1: Collection of data sheet on existing PVT systems and solutions
  • R2. Report A2A3: Comparison of systems with Subtask D with recommendations for improvements of future PVT systems
  • R3. Subtask report with management issues

Subtask B: PVT Performance characterization

  • R1: Report B1B2B3: methods for testing PVT collectors (water, air, concentrator,…) with measured results and day time and night time operations , and definitions of PVT systems efficiency
  • R2: Design Guidelines for PVT collectors and systems
  • R3: Subtask report with management issues

Subtask C: PVT Systems Modeling

  • R1: Report C1C2: Numerical Simulation Tools for the simulation of PVT collectors and systems
  • R2: PVT systems simulation and validation
  • R3: Optimised PVT systems
  • R4: Subtask report with management issues

Subtask D: PVT Systems design examples and dissemination and market support

  • R1: Report D1D2: performance assessment of PVT systems
  • R2: Report D3: Control strategies for PVT systems
  • R3: Report D4D5: Collection of documents prepared along the Task for industry and market
  • R4: Subtask report with management issues